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10-Week Challenge


Voice Academy Long Island: 10-Week Challenge

Location: Long Island NY (Port Washington)

Voice Academy NYC’s 10-Week Challenge is customized for beginners, intermediate or advanced singers. It takes the 3 D’s: “discipline, drive and determination” to take your singing to the next level.  Each week we will focus on a different topic, singing songs in your style and key.  All classes start with proper breathing and vocal exercises. We will develop a specific practice routine to help you achieve your goals!


Package includes (10) 1-hour 1-on-1 private lessons each covering the topics listed below.  Then you get to enter the vocal booth for a vocal recording session (90 minutes) to make a professional recording – the ultimate proof of your accomplishments!


Lesson #1 Singing from your diaphragm – Basics of singing -Vocal health

Lesson #2 Pitch control/ Ear training – Learn how to sing in tune

Lesson #3 Chest Voice  – Learn how to belt/project your voice without straining vocal chords

Lesson #4 Head Voice/Falsetto – Learn to sing in your upper register with pleasant tone

Lesson #5 Mixed voice – Find your mixed voice; learn how and when to use it

Lesson #6 Dynamics – How to sing with dynamics from soft to loud to in between.

Lesson #7 Phrasing/Rhythm – Learn about vocal phrasing and the vocal groove of the song

Lesson #8 Song Interpretation – Learn how to communicate your song and sing with emotion

Lesson #9 Improvisation/Ad-libs – Learn how to make a song your own and sing outside your comfort zone

Lesson #10 Song Performance – Mic technique  Stage presence, performance anxiety, know your audience (you will sing with a live mic and speaker)

Vocal recording session  (90 minutes) professionally edited and mixed.

Fee: $800

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